Turn your little dribblers into mini masters of the game.

Sportball Basketball

Get ready to conquer the court

Sportball basketball is high-energy, fast-paced fun for any kid who has big dreams of being an all-star baller one day.

It all begins with the basics. Toddlers get into the rhythm of dribbling by pretending that balls are raindrops falling from the sky. They also get the hang of shooting by aiming for hoops held out by their parents, and practice catching by pretending their arms are big ice cream scoopers. Bigger kids can up their game through activities like jumping stations and dribbling exercises.

Every basketball program is designed to give your kid the confidence they need to own the court no matter how old they are. With Sportball on their side, your future all-stars will be nothing but net in no time!

Active Age Range

16 months to
12 years old

Squad Size

6 - 16 kids
per class

Shot Clock

45 - 60 minutes
of play time

Skills Developed

Physical Literacy, Social Skills

Program Highlights

Here’s what Sportball parents have to say about Basketball

Choosing the right Basketball program

We believe that kids of all ages should be able to play Basketball, so we offer a variety of program options.

Kids 16 months to 12 years old can learn the basics of basketball along with many other fun sports and activities.

These indoor or outdoor programs are perfect for kids 2-3 years old looking to have blast while perfecting their game.

Teach your kids how to play independently with games and activities that don’t require parents to participate.

Discover other Sportball programs

We provide a positive team environment for all children in Sportball

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