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Full of fun and free of barriers to get started, Volleyball is one of the most accessible and inclusive games out there. With the help of a Sportball coach, just about anyone can play! We use our research-backed methodology to teach kids Volleyball-specific skills while inspiring them to love the game.

  How do we do it? For toddlers, bumping is taught by turning their arms into elephant trunks, and spikes are taught by “high-fiving” the ball. Bigger kids learn serves, bumps, and spikes through fun-filled games they’ll be excited to play week after week. No matter how old they are, Sportball volleyball helps kids learn lifelong skills by sparking their imaginations.

Active Age Range

16 months to
12 years old

Squad Size

6 - 16 players
per class

Game Clock

45 - 60 minutes
of play time

Skill Level

Skills Developed

Physical Literacy,
Social Skills

Program Highlights

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Choosing the right Volleyball program

We believe that kids of all ages should be able to play Volleyball, so we offer a variety of program options.

Kids 16 months to 12 years old can learn the basics of volleyball along with many other fun sports and activities.

These indoor or outdoor programs are perfect for kids 2-3 years old looking to have blast while perfecting their game.

Teach your kids how to play independently with games and activities that don’t require parents to participate.

Discover other Sportball programs

We provide a positive team environment for all children in Sportball

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