The Sportball Methodology

We have one goal here at Sportball: to help kids gain the confidence and competence they need to stay active for a lifetime. Of course, that doesn’t happen by accident. Every Sportball program is designed to nurture healthy minds and bodies through fun-filled activities that kids get pumped for every week!

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Fun With Purpose

Who said sports and science don’t go together? Our research-backed approach uses the power of fun to instill life lessons and promote physical literacy. It’s like sneaking broccoli into a delicious bowl of mac n cheese – kids get the fun they want while getting the good stuff they need.

Sportball is rooted in science

Decades of Experience

We’ve been teaching kids life skills through sports since 1995. In fact, Sportball was one of the first to introduce developmental science into sports programming for kids under 12. We continue to be leaders in childhood physical literacy to this day.

Three Areas of Growth

Our Methodology

Designed To Maximize Fun

Every skill is taught through engaging activities and exercises.

Physical Literacy

We lay the foundation for a lifetime of active living by methodically introducing kids to the joy of movement.

Social Skills

We give kids the confidence to dive headfirst into in social interactions so they can forge meaningful connections.

Personal Growth

We provide a safe space for kids to develop resilience, emotional intelligence, and the tools to deal with their feelings.

Our Teaching Pillars

Research has proven there’s no better vehicle for learning than good old-fashioned fun.

A universal love for sports helps us encourage participation and teach essential skills.

All programs are tailored to the unique learning needs of young children to make them as impactful as possible.

Creative narratives make activities exciting for young minds by sparking their imaginations.

Skill building is broken down into small, manageable steps catered to the developmental stages of young athletes.

Our Teaching Pillars

Methodology In Action

Let’s see how Sportball Methodology works using basketball as an example. Sports skills, pro-social skills, and motor skills improve at every step of a Sportballer’s journey.


Begin With the Basics

Sport Skills
Shooting with two hands through a hoop

Pro-Social Skills
Following instructions, attention, focus  

Motor Skills
Grasping, swinging, hand eye co-ordination



Practice Independence

Practice Independence
Sport Skills Shooting from a distance

Pro-Social Skills
Independence, confidence

Motor Skills
Shooting, throwing, timing

Practice Independence


Practice Playing with Others

Sport Skills
Shooting against a defender

Pro-Social Skills
Leadership, competition

Motor Skills
Balance, accuracy, running



Game Ready

By this point, Sportballers have developed the balance, timing, and accuracy they need to play a game of basketball with other kids.

Game Ready
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