Watch your little one make big strides on the field.

Sportball Football

One yard at a time.

Your little one might have dreams of becoming a starting QB. Or they might just want to get a little more comfortable on the gridiron. Whatever they’re looking to get out of the game, our football programs are here to help them get started. Backed by Sportball methodology and designed with safety in mind, these action-packed, fun-filled programs promote physical literacy while teaching the fundamentals of the game.

For toddlers, that might mean working on kick-offs, throwing, and catching with their parents. For bigger kids, that might mean games and drills like touchdown obstacle courses. Younger or older, it’s all about getting little bodies moving while they learn something new.

Age Requirements

Active Age Range

16 months to
12 years old

Age Requirements

Squad Size

6 - 16 players
per class


Game Clock

45 - 60 minutes
of play time

Skill Level Required

Skills Developed

Physical Literacy,
Social Skills

Program Highlights

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Choosing the right football program

Any kid big or small can play football at Sportball.

Kids 16 months to 12 years old can learn the basics of football along with other fun sports and activities.

These indoor or outdoor programs are perfect for kids 2-3 years old looking to have blast while perfecting their game.

Teach your kids how to play independently with games and activities that don’t require parents to participate.

Discover other Sportball programs

We provide a positive team environment for all children in Sportball

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