Eight sports in one amazing program.

Sportball Multi-sport

Endless ways to stay moving

Multi-Sport is the perfect way for little movers to explore the world of sports. This fun and engaging program lets kids try just about everything including soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, golf, and tennis.

Backed by Sportball methodology and led by trained coaches, Multi-Sport teaches kids new skills through new ways to move. You never know – it might just be where your kiddo gets introduced to their new favourite sport.

Age Requirements

Active Age Range

16 months to
12 years old

Number of Attendees

Squad Size

6 - 16 players
per class

Game Clock

45 - 60 minutes
of play time

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8 Amazing Sports!

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Frequently asked questions

How do we introduce 8 different sports in a single registration? Check out our FAQs, for answers to some of our most frequent questions.

Sportball Multi-Sport programs include 8 different sports: Soccer, Basketball, Football, T-Ball, Hockey, Volleyball, Golf & Tennis.

Every class we cover a different sport so our kids never get bored!

Our coaches will usually decide on the schedule of which sports will be played in each class at the beginning of each season. Coaches will communicate which sports to expect each week and there won’t be an opportunity for parents to choose specific sports within a season.

We encourage Sportball parents to bring their child every week so that they get to experience our full range of sports activities and learn which sports they enjoy the most!

One of the best things about Sportball’s Multi-Sport programs is that it allows kids to try many different sports and identify their favorites at a much younger age than most young athletes!

If you find that your child has a love or aptitude for a specific sport, we offer many other programs that will allow kids to focus on a single sport or split a season between two sports (e.g. our popular Soccer/T-Ball programs).

Check out the program listings on our Registration page to see which programs are offered in your Sportball location!

Our Multi-Sport programs start as early as 16 months old for Parent & Child classes. Sportball programs are designed to develop appropriate skills for each age group from toddlers to tweens. Learn more about our Sportball Methodology  to find out why our programs have been chosen by generations of parents and children!

Nope! Our coaches will bring all the equipment your child needs to play a different sport each week!

Just make sure they’re dressed in appropriate activewear and running shoes and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated!

Right now Sportball offers Soccer, Basketball, Football, T-Ball, Hockey, Volleyball, Golf & Tennis as our core Multi-Sport curriculum. 

Crazy about Cricket? Tickled by Pickleball? Let us know if you’d love to see new sports offered on our menu as we’re always excited to expand our program offerings!

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