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Certified CoachA 45-60 minute Sportball class designed for your child’s age group.

ClassA Sportball Certified Coach by their side

EquipmentAll the equipment your little athlete will need to get in the game!

Trial classes are offered based on available spots in our regular seasonal programs. We’ll always do our best to match you with an age-appropriate class in  the most convenient location.

Trial classes may be offered for free in some locations while there will be a fee for the class in others. 

Reach out to your local Sportball team using the form on this page to learn more!

Fill out our trial class form and a member of your local Sportball team will be in touch to set your child up with a trial class!

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Frequently asked questions

Got some questions about trying a class? We have answers to some of our most common questions here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out!

We do our best to offer the most convenient trial classes but can’t guarantee that every class will be open for trials. Availability will generally depend on there being a free spot in one of our regularly scheduled seasonal programs.

Some of our programs offered through local community centers and other partners handle their own registrations and may have a different process for arranging trial classes.

Most of our trial classes will be offered as part of our regular seasonal programs. Sportball programs are designed to offer a wide variety of activities to keep kids engaged so every week is different.

If you join a trial in one of our popular Multi-Sport classes, we play a different sport every week. While we’re confident that your child will enjoy any of our classes, if you have your heart set on a specific sport, let our team know and we’ll do our best to find a trial class date that offers your chosen sport!

Sportball will provide all of the equipment for your child to have a great experience. 

Make sure that your child is wearing running shoes and comfortable active wear. Also make sure to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated!

Absolutely! Our trial classes are designed to give your child a taste of the Sportball experience. But showing up weekly for a seasonal program is where the magic really happens!

Visit our Registration page to find a list of upcoming programs in your area!

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